Our Services

We can provide highly qualified candidates for your direct-hire positions including administrative, financial, insurance, and legal positions. All of our administrative candidates have been personally interviewed, tested for computer software skills, and had references checked. When we submit candidates to our clients, we always present their resume, test scores, and references. In addition, we provide insight into the candidates' personalities, skills, and work history. We also provide a 90-day replacement guarantee for all of our direct-hire placements.

We provide administrative temporary employees to many of our clients. These positions include administrative assistants, executive assistants, receptionists, word processors, accounting assistants, marketing assistants, mail room workers, file/data entry clerks, and customer service representatives. We can find excellent temporaries from our pool of applicants looking for permanent administrative positions. All of our temporaries have been personally interviewed, had their references checked, and most of them have been tested for computer skills. We prefer at least a one day's notice for temporary assignments but we can usually find qualified temporaries on very short notice. Our permanent recruiters also provide temporary staffing services which allow the client to work with just one recruiter for both their temporary and permanent staffing needs.

If our clients want to have an employee work for them on a temporary basis before they bring them on as a full-time employee, we can meet this need as well. During the temporary period the employee is working for Perfect Search, Inc. at the client's site. Perfect Search will pay the employee weekly and invoice the client for the time worked. This period of time in which the employee is working as a temporary allows the client to evaluate the employee's performance and allows the employee to evaluate the client and the position. The temp-to-hire time period is 13 weeks, but can be adjusted to meet the client's needs. At any time during the temp-to-hire period the client may choose to put the employee on its payroll or decide not to hire the employee.

We provide contract employees for temporary assignments that extend longer than three months. These positions include all of the temporary administrative positions described above as well as financial, insurance, graphics, and legal positions.

Some of our clients need to have a person perform a specific assignment for them for a short period of time. They do not want to hire the person as a full time employee because of the required paperwork, benefits, and unemployment liability involved. Most of these people do not qualify to be paid as an independent contractor. In these cases clients may want a third-party to perform this payroll function. We can put these people on our payroll at a lower rate than we charge for temporary employees. And we can speed up the process by handling all of the necessary paperwork in a few minutes.